Oceanco Tuhura Concept Harnesses Ancient Expertise for the Modern World [w/ Video]

Some of humankind’s earliest trans-oceanic explorers hailed from the Polynesian islands of the western Pacific. They were able to cover vast distances thanks to the innovative hull designs of their canoes and other boats, and many of those game-changing innovations are still used on vessels being designed today. But this new megayacht concept from the Dutch shipyard Oceanco (in association with Lobanov Design Studio, Achille Salvagni and BMT Nigel Gee) takes the Pacific Islander influence to the next level with the stunning Tuhura.

Named for a word that means to explore, discover or investigate in the language of the Maori people (the native inhabitants of New Zealand), the 377’ long yacht features a hull with an array of one-way windows and a predominantly glass superstructure. The unflinchingly-modern interior makes extensive use of brushed teak, gunmetal and natural bronze elements, while the low-drag hull and an advanced propulsion system would add up to outstanding energy efficiency. Fingers crossed that Oceanco gets a chance to build this dreamboat.

Source: Oceanco