Drifting in Brazil

Obrigado, Oversteer: Drifting a Brazilian Mountain Road in a Trio of Tasty Nissans [Video]


Driftingmay have originated in Japan, but it has evolved to become a truly globalmotorsport. Certainly theFormula Driftseries here in the United States is evidence of that, as are the various European and Asian championships. But did you know it also has a rather big following in Brazil? Well, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to you, given how popular more traditional forms of automotive competition are down there.

In any case,Hobby Drift Nissan 350ZdriverTiago Romanoinvited a couple of his buddies,Diego ShimazakiandJonathan Neves(a.k.a. JJ) and theirNissanSilvia S15stoCampo Largo, an area west of the inland megalopolis that is Curitiba. There, with help from the localpolíciaand the crew atCWB Motoring, the trio slithered their way along 3.7 miles of twisting concrete-paved mountain road. No, they don’t get quite as sideways as they woulddriftingon a track or other more controlled venue, but considering how many roadside obstacles (including spectators) there were, that’s probably a good thing.

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