Nuviz HUD unit

Nuviz HUD Puts the World on Your Helmet Visor [w/ Videos]

Nuviz HUD unit

As if not enough people weren’t already convinced that remakes are Hollywood’s current drug-of-choice, there’s a 21st century retelling of RoboCop landing in theaters two weeks from now. And we’re quite certain that it will include the classic cinematic trope showing a robot/cyborg’s-eye-view, complete with head-up displays showing all sorts of information. It’s a neat idea, but don’t you have to wear Google Glass or some other computerized specs that will instantly brand you as the dorkiest douche (Or is that douchiest dork?) in the room to achieve the desired effect?

Not necessarily. A startup company called Nuviz is on the cusp of releasing a head-up display unit that attaches to the front of a full-face motorcycle helmet. The unit then projects images onto a lens that sits in front of the bottom left (or bottom right when you’re looking out) of the visor.

Nuviz HUD navigation UI

So what can the Nuviz HUD project onto the lens? As it turns out, a whole bunch of stuff. When paired with a smartphone (and the simple wireless controller that attaches to a handlebar), the device is able to display things like navigational information, weather updates, phone call status, music selection and track lap times. Plus, there’s a built-in camera on the unit so you can capture still photos and video from more-or-less a rider’s-eye-view.

Additionally, iPhone and Android users can download a companion app called Ride:Cloud. It lets you interact with other users, set up group rides, share your favorite ride routes, and keep track of your motorcycles and when they’re due for maintenance. In other words, it’s the biker-centric social network and infotainment system you wear on your head. And because the Nuviz HUD is designed to attach to almost any full-face helmet, you don’t have to give up your favorite brain bucket for it.

Nuviz HUD on a helmet

How much for this nifty gizmo? The list price is $649, which seems like a lot. However, when you consider all the stuff it can do (not to mention how much safer it is than looking down from the road to fiddle with the radio dial, or take a hand off the handlebar to fix the sagging GoPro mount on your helmet), that amount doesn’t seem quite so exorbitant. And because the project’s Kickstarter campaign easily exceeded the fundraising target, Nuviz says production will be starting soon with a deliveries set to begin sometime this summer.

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