Novitec Tesla Model S is a Spicier Silent Super Sedan [w/ Video]

Even though they can’t be fitted with stuff like a sport exhaust system, bigger turbochargers or new camshafts, the Tesla Model S and Model X (and, it stands to reason once it starts reaching customers en masse, the Model 3) are still finding a receptive audience with tuning companies and the people who do business with them. After all, these electric luxury missiles can still be fitted with aftermarket wheels, brakes, suspension, bodywork and non-powertrain bits. Now Novitec, one of the world’s top tuners of supercars and ultra luxury rides, is dipping a toe into the Tesla-tweaking pool.

The most obvious modification is, without a doubt, the set of 21” Novitec-branded NV2 forged wheels from Vossen. On this example they’re finished in a golden bronze color that pops as much as the subdued white body blends in with the herd. But speaking of the body, the Novitec folks have also cooked up a tasty carbon fiber kit consisting of a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler; and before you start freaking out about the potential side effects, Novitec designed these aero parts in such a manner that it claims they have no impact on drag and, therefore, driving range. Other enhancements for the Model S include carbon-ceramic brakes, lowering springs for cars without the optional air suspension, and a bountiful buffet of custom interior color and material options. Sounds like a recipe for success to us.

Source: Novitec