Novitec Builds Own Exclusive High-End Sports Car the TuLesto

Novitec TuLesto

Novitec Rosso is the premier Ferrari tuner, known for adding serious performance upgrades to vehicles that are by their very nature outstanding. Now they are looking for something a bit more ambitious for the company’s 20th anniversary. As such, Novitec is building a “proprietary” sports car that shares a certain likeness with the Ferrari F430. The Novitec TuLesto will be powered by a mid-mounted 4.4-liter V8 engine producing 777 horsepower. With dual superchargers the car is good for 0 to 60 mph runs in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph. A semi-automatic gearbox with 6 gears is controlled via carbon fiber paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Only 11 of these wicked coupes will be available, so act fast– operators are standing by…

Novitec TuLesto

The Novitec TuLesto is really a race car that’s been outfitted for street driving. The chassis and integrated safety cell is made out of aluminum to be both extremely light weight and rigid. The car’s setup is strait out of GT-series racing and features a double wishbone suspension in both front and rear, ride adjustable struts with varied damping rates and adjustable sways bars. For speed bumps and whatnot, the press of a button can raise the front end 4 centimeters for additional clearance. Braking comes from ceramic composite discs with 6-piston calipers in front and back. Ultra-light alloy wheels in either 20 or 21 inches are available with semi-slicks as wide as 355 millimeters in the rear.

Source: NOVITEC Rosso

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  1. Zack Chases Cars

    I’m sorry to say, it’s clear which car Novitec took their inspiration from. This design is too close to the Ferrari F430 for it to sit well in my oil pan. The front lights and air intake grabbed me immediately as F430 “inspired”. The back does it’s own thing, but sadly by trying to differentiate it from a Ferrari, Novitec has made something with no purpose to the overall design, and no flow. It look like someone took a Ferrari F430 and then drew something over it with a stencil. The proportions are too similar, and the front, as I said, is just toooo similar. Roof scoops, if they add significant performance, I can be on board with. But usually they are left to rally cars and race cars, situations rarely seen by high end sports cars.
    Somehow I don’t think the guy cruising Melrose on Friday night needs a roof scoop.
    I am all for tuner companies going out on their own, and trying to show the world they can do more than improve on what’s already built. But this design is just too muddled to me. It would have to offer insane performance to draw me away from anything else in the price range. I find Noble’s to be better looking because they are simply more, simple. The design is too busy, and tries to re-create too many Ferrari cues without doing it well. I didn’t like RUF’s new concept car, and I love TechArt because they’re design changes are subtle. But everyone refers to them as a “RUF Porsche” or, “Whoa! That’s a TechArt 997!” Even AMG still keeps the Mercedes badge on it. If you are going to try to make your own mold of greatness, make sure it is both original and stunning. Otherwise people will see right through it.

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