Novitec Rosso Turns the Ferrari FF into a Four-Seat Screamer

Novitec Rosso Ferrari FF front 3/4 view

The Ferrari FF, remarkable performer though it may be, is the most polarizing production Ferrari of recent times, if not ever. Scores of Prancing Horse purists worldwide wretch at the FF’s AWD system (even though it’s lightweight and clever) and wagon-like shape (even though Ferrari actually built a couple 456-based four-door actual station wagons for the Sultan of Brunei), but if you ask us, both are kinda cool. It’s the perfect car for a petrolhead couples’ ski retreat.

Of course, a stock FF can only impress your friends so much. But if it was faster and looked different than the ones rolling out of the Maranello factory, their jaws might stay lower longer. These are areas where tuner Novitec Rosso can help.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari FF rear 3/4 view

The highly-regarded German tuner of Italian cars reworks the exterior by a, uh, split front splitter, rear bumper with diffuser, side skirts, dual rear spoilers, side view mirror caps, front grille insert, and taillight covers. All pieces except the last three are available in paintable or visible carbon fiber finishes; the last three are only available in bare carbon fiber. Novitec Rosso offers two different wheel styles (both being 21” for the front and 22” for the rear) in a variety of colors, though we rather like the black NF4 rims depicted here.

Climb into the commodious cabin and you’ll find carbon fiber sill plates and shift paddles. Additionally, Novitec Rosso will reupholster the seats, door panels, dashboard and other areas in a variety of leathers, fabrics and other materials in a cornucopia of colors. The mind races at the thought of all the appetizing (and, it must be said, nauseating) interior trim possibilities.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari FF side view

But you won’t want to spend too much time gawking at the interior when your exploring this baby’s expanded performance threshold. When Novitec Rosso’s Stage 1 power pack (consisting of a remapped ECU and a lower-restriction exhaust system and is the most extreme power pack offered; stages 2 and 3 are actually the less powerful) is applied to the 6.3L V12, horsepower climbs from 651 to 692hp, while peak torque jumps from 504 to 527 lb.-ft. Sport springs are also fitted to the suspension to provide flatter cornering attitudes and a lower ride height.

As you would expect with added power, the straight-line performance figures have improved noticeably. While the company hasn’t made any claims in terms of acceleration times, were guessing the extra cavalli under the hood will mean you’ll be banging through the gears of the 7-speed dual-clutch trans a little more rapidly on your way to the electronically limited top speed of 211 mph. Need to get yourself and your three companions to your chalet faster? Rent – or better yet, buy – a damn private jet! After all, if you can afford an FF and the (unspecified) cost of these upgrades, chances are you can afford to procure a Cessna Citation, at least for the weekend.

Source: Novitec Rosso