Snake & Mongoose movie still

Not a Drag: Snake & Mongoose Trailer is Classic Drag Racing Gold [Video]

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With all the hoopla and hype being (deservedly) lobbed atRush, it’s easy to forget that there’s another based-in-historical-facts racing movie hitting theaters in September. No, it wasn’t made with a budget as big asRush’s, nor does it have the kind of household-name A-listers in front of or behind the cameras, butSnake & Mongooseshould be just as engaging for cinema buffs andmotorsportshistory geeks alike. At least, the newest trailer for the film strongly suggests that’s the case.

For those not in the loop, the movie tells the story of legendarydrag racersDon “The Snake” PrudhommeandTom “The Mongoose” McEwen, specifically the ups and downs of their friendship, rivalry, and home lives through the 1960s and ‘70s.Jesse WilliamsandRichard Blakeplay Prudhomme and McEwen, respectively, while a pair of lovelies (Ashley HinshawandKim Shaw) play their oft-frazzled wives, Lynn and Judy. Other notable cast members includeNoah Wyle,Fred DryerandIan Ziering, who recently starred in the so-camp-it’s-seriousSharknado. We can’t wait to watch it, render a verdict, and share said verdict with you beautiful people.

Source: YouTube