Norwegian Cabin Fuses Architecture with Nature

Usually, when constructing a building, you either alter the topography to accommodate the structure, or build the structure around the topography. For this waterfront house in Norway, however, the architecture firm Lund Hagem designed a residence (specifically a weekend retreat for an interior architect, an artist and their two kids) that neatly integrates itself with the terrain.

The roughly 800 square-foot cabin, which can only be reached via boat, sits within a rock outcropping and is suspended via steel columns anchored within the stones. The home is divided into two wings, or “volumes” as the architects call them: The taller, mostly glass-walled one houses the kitchen, dining room and living room, while the shorter, wood-clad one encompasses the bedrooms and bathrooms. Rarely does art get placed so far from the hustle and bustle of civilization but, when it does, anyone that does happen upon it certainly can’t help but notice it.

Source: Lund Hagem      Photos: Alexandre Westberg