Audi TDI funny commercial

Non-Crisis Averted: Whimsical Advert Touts New Audi TDI Diesels [Video]

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Back in the highly fuel-economy-conscious late-1970s and early-1980s, with twoOPECembargoes all-too-fresh in the public’s mind, a large percentage of the car manufacturers doing business in the U.S. offered at least onedieselmodel. However, as fuel availability increased (along with a corresponding dip in gasoline prices) and emissions regulations were made tougher,dieselpower for passenger cars and light-duty trucks fell out of favor in this country almost as quickly as it had fallen into it. The American motoring public had, alas, moved on.

However, the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way. Today there are diesel cars available not just from the “usual suspects” (i.e.Audi,VolkswagenandMercedes-Benz), but also some you might not expect likeChevroletand, pretty soon,Mazda. Inevitably, there will be people who aren’t used to seeing other people filling their sedans from the green-handled nozzles, and will (erroneously) try to warn their fellow motorists. Will the warnings be as dramatic (or plentiful) as the ones given by the folks in this cheeky newAudicommercial? Probably not. But rest assured, youwillget warned.

Source: YouTube