Nissan Rogue Warrior Concept is a Sherpa of Suburbia

With a gargantuan blizzard fixing to dump enough snow on America’s east coast to make the 2016 class of Academy Award nominees look like the United Nations by comparison (Take it away, Ed!) over the next few days, ways of telling Old Man Winter where to stick it are currently in high demand. And while this be-tracked Nissan Rogue Warrior – based on the Rogue crossover – is merely a concept vehicle, it shows how a track system from the fine folks at Dominator (plus some strategic suspension and lower body tweaks) can transform even a modern, CVT-equipped crossover into bit of a badass. That being said, don’t expect that AWD (ATD?) and 23” of ground clearance to get you through the really deep stuff, so you’re still gonna want to stock up on necessities before the flakes start a-fallin’.

Source: Nissan