Neyk Submarine Will Make Any Voyage Fantastic

Yachts are pretty fantastic, but they are restricted to traveling on the surface of a body of water (assuming, of course, something hasn’t gone catastrophically wrong). Why doesn’t anyone build a boat that can travel under the water, too? Oh, yeah, those are called submarines. Anyway, here’s a big luxury submarine that’s being built in the Netherlands.

The Neyk, as this cool contraption is called, is the creation of a company called Ocean Submarine in conjunction with Rolls-Royce, MTU and Bosch. It’s built around a teardrop-shaped high-yield steel hull reinforced by steel rings, and will supposedly move through the water at up to 15 knots at depths of up to 500 feet thanks to its pod-mounted propellers, which should also provide exceptional agility. Of course, you probably won’t want test that agility too vigorously, lest you disturb the as many as 12 guests inhabiting the luxurious cabin that features a library, a bar and a fully-furnished galley, not to mention numerous windows to let you get into staring contests with fish. The prototype sub (which is set to launch in January) measures 63’ long, while the production versions would be available in 66, 72 and 79 foot lengths. Time to start working on your Russian-as-interpreted-by-a-Scot accent

Source: Ocean Submarine