New Singer Vehicle Design Engine is a Team Effort for the Ages

In the world of music, a collection of artists with prolific solo careers and/or tenures with certain bands who unite to form a talent-out-the-wazoo band is known as a supergroup. The automotive world has them, too, but they’re not as widely known as the Travelling Wilburys of the world. However, there’s a new engineering supergroup in the car world, one with loads of sports car and Formula 1 race wins and titles, plus an impeccable sense of what’s cool. Together, these entities – legendary ex-Porsche engine designer Hans Mezger, Williams Avanced Engineering (the consulting arm of the F1 team) and Rob Dickinson and his team at Singer Vehicle Design – have created pure internal combustion pornography.

This 4.0L flat-six is air-cooled and naturally aspirated, yet the Singer folks say this thing will make in excess of 500 horsepower and rev beyond 9,000 rpm without going kablooey. It’s able to attain those eye-popping numbers thanks to some very modern motorsports-derived tricks, including titanium connecting rods, six individual aluminum throttlebodies capped by carbon fiber intake trumpets, an exhaust system made from F1-grade Inconel, and a ram air intake system that breathes in through ducts in the rear quarter windows. Badass.

There are still some details – like specific power output and how much one of these lumps would add to the cost of a Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer – that have yet to be revealed. However, expect those to emerge at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Singer Vehicle Design