New Escort Radar Detector May Be The Most Advanced Windshield Mount Unit Ever

Escort Passport 9500ix

The new Passport 9500ix from Escort surpasses many of it’s brethren in the radar detection market by leaps and bounds. 360 degree radar and laser detection (across all bands) is in full effect but the Passport 9500ix’s biggest claim to fame is it’s promise of no false alarms. The built in gps unit assists with keeping track of what signals are not real threats. Either automatically, based on a recurrence of 3 passes across the same signal in the same exact location, or by manually locking out the signal, the 9500ix will eventually cancel out all false alarms for areas that are frequently traveled.

Another significant advancement is it’s large safety camera database which lists 1000s of red light and fixed position speed cameras throughout the US. Firmware updates keep the unit current.

Source: Escort Radar