VIDEO: New Drift Film from Clash Production – Vernal Equinox


In the ever-expanding world of the Internet, there are countless ways to explore your own talent. Clash Productions has made its name by putting together incredibly high-quality motorsport videos, lately putting together amazing drifting footage. Using a variety of special effects, stunning angles and synching the visuals with the perfect soundtrack, they have set the bar for internet car videos. Their newest offering, dubbed Vernal Equinox, is looking to push the boundaries a little further. A Vernal Equinox is the spring equinox, or simply something that only comes once a year.

Director Stephane Benini wanted to use drifting to tell a story, albeit a strange one. It reminds me of something M. Night Shamalan would enjoy. The drifting is top notch, with some incredible angles and settings. The silent story that plays throughout the 12 minute film is not your usual YouTube film, far from it. It’s been clear that the people behind Clash have the eye, skills, and talent for projects beyond the automotive, and this video is an example of them reaching for new heights. Make the jump to watch the sideways intrigue that is Vernal Equinox, and tell us what you think!

We were a little confused by this video. On the one hand the camera work and quality is incredible, and drifting in a building can be nothing but awesome. But what’s with this kid? Are the cars chasing him? Do they want to hurt him, or adopt him? We’re not sure about the film, but all agreed Benini is a talented director and cinematographer. We’ll see his name in lights soon enough.

Source: Clash Production