New B&B Tuning Program for Volkswagen Scirocco

B&B Volkswagen Scirocco

For those not hip, B&B has been performing wicked modifications of VW and Audi vehicles for over 25 years out of Siegen, Germany. And their newest tuning program for the Volkswagen Scirocco is a prime example of the type of attention to detail and solid enhancements that they consistently produce. This car is extremely popular in Europe right now and I can understand why. The core of the tuning program involves a special engine kit which increases the car’s performance in 6 stages. These include outputs of 235, 250, 265, 286, 300 and 350 hp.

B&B Volkswagen Scirocco - Side

Our interest peaks with the final EVO R stage racing form, which takes the 2.0 TFSI engine and pushes it up to 350 hp. In order to accomplish this feat, the original engine is exchanged for a special one fitted with a larger turbo loader, optimized crank shaft, forged pistons and modified cylinder heads. A new sport exhaust system is installed to limit exhaust back pressure. Included is a revised pre-exhaust pipe and sport catalyst. In addition, the engine’s electronics are remapped and optimized and a special oil cooler is installed. This all culminates in a 0 to 62 mph time of 4.9 seconds and makes it officially a sub-5-zero car. Top speed is rated at 170 mph.

B&B Volkswagen Scirocco - Rear

B&B Tuning offers a variety of chassis modifications for the VW Scirocco. Better steering can be obtained either from lower sport springs or adjustable thread chassis. Wheels are available in 18″, 19″ and even 20″ variations.Braking systems are offered in either 4, 6 or 8 stroke. There is also a plethora of aerodynamic customizations in the catalog as well, but the look they provide is pretty innocuous.

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