The New 2009 Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 S

With a limited production run of only 150 vehicles, this open-top supercar from Mercedes-Benz will surely be in high demand. The release date is now January 1, 2009. Performance specs are of course, outstanding – 650 hp, 0-to-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 207 mph. What’s even more impressive is that this is accomplished in a car without a fixed roof. This McLaren comes with a retractable soft-cloth top with carbon fiber supports that allow it to tolerate high speeds.

The engine is a supercharged 5.5 Liter V8 which is hand built by AMG. Because of the power that this vehicle is capable of producing, and in turn, the high speeds that can be obtained, it is outfitted with carbon-fiber impact zones, 2 rollover bars and A-pillars that are strenthened with steel.

The car’s name is derived from the MB 300 SLR used in the Mille Miglia Race in 1955. The starting number of that car was 722.

Source: Mercedes-Benz