‘Need for Speed: SHIFT’ To Be True Racing Enthusiast Game

Need for Speed: Shift Promo

A couple of new images showing specific vehicles have surfaced for the upcoming Need for Speed: SHIFT video game which is due out September 22nd. Distributed by Electronic Arts (EA) and produced by the folks at Slightly Mad Studios (creators of GT Legends and GTR2), this is a going to be the best version yet as it is being spearheaded by Patrick Soderlund, a racer himself, and will incorporate the most advanced AI and gaming technology available to date. The new NFS will more realistically reflect the feeling of driving high-end sports cars by including first-person cockpit views, a new crash mechanic feature, and game action that will simulate the speed and control of true racing.

Need for Speed: Shift

[This image shows the Nissan Silvia, specifically the 1994 S14, which was the ultimate workhorse of the model line. It appears that this car has some original parts as well as tuning and customization, which gives some indication of how far the game will let you apply mods.]

As a driver in Need for Speed: SHIFT you will have to contend with G-forces applied during hard braking and turning which will, in turn, affect head movement. During quick acceleration or traveling at high speeds a blur effect will be represented on the screen. All gauges inside the car will be accurate and the shifting action will be spot on. Handling will also mirror each vehicle’s specific setup. A Porsche with a rear mounted engine and rear-wheel drive will handle very differently than a mid-mounted or front-engine car. In addition, a variety of race modes will be available which have not been disclosed as of yet.

The new Need for Speed: SHIFT will be a track based game with both actual and fictional courses featured. We are greatly looking forward to its release as the level of visual detail and driving experience is supposed to be unrivaled.

Need for Speed: Shift

[This image portrays the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, “The Original GT-R,” that is the oldest vehicle in the game.]

Check out the teaser video below which was released a month ago. We are hoping to see an updated one in the very near future.

Source: EA | Need for Speed

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