Shocker: Zagato Restyles a Motorcycle as Well as it Does Cars

Italian coachbuilder Zagato has a well-earned reputation for taking some of the most distinctive and dynamic cars in the world and making them look even more distinctive in dynamic. But how do the legendary design and fabrication firm’s abilities translate to motorcycles? As this MV Agusta F4Z suggests, the answer is “Quite well, thank you.”

As the name suggests, this started out as an MV Agusta F4, after which Zagato artisans removed all the stock bodywork and created a smooth, flowing engine cover, fuel tank, seat and other parts. It’s a real looker…unfortunately, a looker that only one rider will get to enjoy; both companies say the F4Z is strictly a one-off bike, produced for a wealthy Japanese businessman with an extensive collection of Zagato-bodied cars but a lifestyle that’s more in tune with two wheels than four. Oh well, at least they were nice enough to share these pictures and nuggets of information with us proles…

Source: Zagato