MTT 420R Turbine Superbike Demands Balls of Diamond

MTT 420 Turbine Motorcycle side view

Large-of-mandible talkshow host and lifelong gearhead Jay Leno owns hundreds of automobiles and motorcycles. However, he has gone on record multiple times that one of the favorite rides in his collection is his MTT Y2K, an American-built superbike powered by a gas turbine engine cribbed from a helicopter. And as Jay will show you, it’s just as awesome/insane as you think.

So what does MTT (short for Marine Turbine Technologies) do for an encore? Build a new bike around lessons learned from the Y2K project, of course. But lessons from the Y2K aren’t the only things around which the new bike – dubbed 420R – is being built.

Now granted, it doesn’t look dramatically different from the Y2K (at least in this rendering); after all, there aren’t too many ways to stuff a turbine into a motorcycle. From the trailing edge of the fairing forward and the top framerails up, it looks like a typical superbike. Move down and back from those points though, and the story changes. There you’ll find the Rolls-Royce C-20B gas turbine, producing at least 420hp by burning kerosene, jet fuel, or even diesel fuel. That power reaches the rear wheel through a 2-speed transmission of MTT’s own design.

So the name 420R comes from the engine’s power figure, right? Well, not necessarily: MTT expects the top speed to be 420 kilometers-per-hour, which works out to 261 mph. Yeah, that number is stupid fast for a car, much less a motorcycle. Even so, MTT says this monster will be street legal in the U.S., and it expects it to earn European certification, too. So don’t be too shocked to see one of these wooshing away from a truck stop after topping off the tank in the not-too-distant future.

Source: MTT

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