MR Racing Audi RS3 is a Colorful Compact Kraken

It’s a fact of automotive life: Martini Racing colors instantly make any car or truck look a minimum of 50% cooler. Those bright red, bright blue and dark blue stripes over white, silver, red and even green are the petrolhead equivalent of a dog whistle. And if the car to which the Martini colors are applied is cool to begin with, well, so much the better.

This Audi RS3 tuned by MR Racing certainly qualifies as cool. The Martini stripes and matching 19” ATS wheels definitely look dynamite, but they’re nothing compared to the dynamite lurking under the hood: Thanks to a series of upgrades to the intake and exhaust systems, a new fuel pump and a larger turbocharger and intercooler, the turbo’d 2.5L inline-five makes a mammoth 528 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft of torque.  Needless to say, MR Racing has made this hot hatch faster than some of the full-on racecars that have worn these famous colors over the years. Kudos for that.

Source: MR Racing