MR Car Design Unleashes Tuning Package for Audi Q7 4.2 TDI

Audi Q7 By MR Car Design

German mod shop MR Car Design has turned their tuning eye toward the venerable Audi Q7, after recently overhauling the likes of the BMW M3, VW Golf 6 R and VW Touran. The company offers a package for €6999 Euro (approx. $9,500 USD) that covers a short list of aesthetic and performance tweaks to further customize and accentuate Ingolstadt’s latest SUV.

The exterior mods include new LED daytime running lights and indicator strips along with 22-inch MRGT22 alloy wheels measuring 9.5 inch wide and wrapped with low profile 265/35-22 Icebear W300 tires.

Audi Q7 By MR Car Design

The 4.2 TDI engine of the Audi Q7 gets bumped up from 326 hp to 374 hp by way of a remapped ECU and set of K&N air filters. The speed limiter has been jettisoned to put this newfound power to good use. Adding to the sportiness, MR Car Design also offers the option of swapping in the steering wheel from the Audi RS6.

This vehicle is being tauted as ‘Floating on a Cloud Q-Seven.’ We would think some suspension tweaks made to the adaptive air system in the Audi Q7 would be in order or at least some additional interior luxury appointments added to live up to this name. That said, if this was Mansory’s theme we’d probably see something more ridiculously ostentatious like white leather cloud patches sewn into a blue Alcantara headliner. But, to our thinking, understated is always better than overstated….

Source: MR Car Design