Mike Whiddett FD Mazda RX7 drifting

Mountain Slide: “Mad Mike” Whiddett Drifts His Mazda RX7 through the Crown Range [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il986P_ooEE[/youtube]

Despite the dizzying variety of cars competing in the uppermost echelons ofdrifting, it seems like more and more of them are starting to rely onGM LS-series V8sfor power. And while we love the LS engines and their ability to make whack-a-doodle power figures despite having just one camshaft and two valves per cylinder, we’d love to see moreEuropeanandJapanesedrift cars vying for high scores with the smaller-displacement, fewer-cylinder engines with which they were born (or at least ones from the same company).

Consequently, you can imagine how giddy we were when we heard the distinctivebud-bud-bud-bud-BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTof arotary engineemanating from Kiwi“Mad Mike” Whiddett’sRed BullsponsoredFD-chassis Mazda RX7. Of course, the massive orange backfires coming from theMazda’s tush made us even more giddy. Throw in the fact that Whiddett and hisroughly 750hp four-rotor Wankelweapon are sliding their way along one of New Zealand’s most scenic byways and you have one honey of a tire snuff film.

Source: YouTube

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