Motoped Pro is the Mountain Goat of Mopeds

Generally, mopeds are humdrum transportation appliances that are most comfortable on sealed surfaces. And for most riders, that’s perfectly okay. But what about riders who want to do more than just commute on or near the hard shoulder on a combination of gas and pedal power? For those people, there’s an exciting gizmo called the Motoped Pro.

Looking much like the eventual result of a one-night stand between a motocross bike and an unpowered mountain bike, the Motoped Pro – made by Kansas City based Motovox – is a slim and trim looking machine that weighs about 120 lbs. when fitted with the standard 49cc, 2 horsepower(!) engine that allows it to fit the legal definition of a moped in many U.S. states and foreign countries; the little powerhouse is paired with a 2-stage automatic transmission. However, if meeting the looser licensing and registration criteria afforded to mopeds and other motorized bicycles is of no concern to you, you can step up for a 125cc engine that’s rated at a positively raging 7.78 horsepower and teamed with a 4-speed semi automatic transmission that allows it to reach 45 mph.

And with your choice of adjustable suspension offering 6” or 8” of travel, electric start (as well as kickstart for the 125 engine), front and rear hydraulic brakes and a patented jackshaft pedal drive system that lets you keep going even after the gas tank runs dry (though Motoped says you can expect to get between 80 and 130 mpg depending on rider weight, road/trail conditions and other factors), the Pro offers a lot of the perks of a full fledged motorcycle without the substantial girth or price. What kind of price are we talking? From $2,499 to $3,299, depending on which options you select and whether or not you purchase it fully assembled or in kit form, the latter making it easy for DIYers to specify their own engine (Most horizontally-oriented E-22 singles from companies like Honda will fit with little or no modification.) and make other modifications. Honestly, there are a lot of people who could have a lot of fun with one of these things…including us…

Source: Motoped