Moto Guzzi Eldorado and Audace are a Cruiser Double Feature [w/ Videos]


Moto Guzzi has a rather rich motorcycle-building heritage, one that it likes to honor with a fair amount of frequency. The latest example of this trend is a modern version of the brand’s iconic Eldorado model from the early 1970s. However, this time around, it’s also joined by a brooding, switchblade-packing sibling called the Audace. Together, they’re ready to inject some Italian zest into the V-twin cruiser market.


The Eldorado is liberally sprinkled with classic touches you’d expect to find on American retro cruisers like full fenders front and back, whitewall tireson wire-spoke wheels, vibrant colors and a cornucopia of chrome bits. By contrast, the Audace (the Italian word for bold and, as you might expect, a close relative of “audacious”) rocks trimmer, more angular bodywork, modern wheels wearing blackwall rubber, and mostly blacked out trim and accessories. Think of the former as the kind of girl you bring home to meet the parents, and the latter as the kind of girl you run around town with clubbing mailboxes and getting into coed bar fights in between shagging sessions.


Both motorcycles use Moto Guzzi’s proven 1,380cc V-twin, mounted longitudinally and turning the rear wheel via a drive shaft (with a 6-speed transmission sandwiched in between) in typical “Goose” fashion. It produces 96 horsepower in both models, though the Audace version makes one extra lb.-ft of torque (89) at 250 more revs (3,000 rpm). Long story short, these two bikes are different sides of the same appealing coin, and both make compelling alternatives to the usual American and Japanese suspects. But don’t take our word for it; take a listen to (or read, if you actually need the subtitles to cut through his not-that-thick brogue) what Scottish actor/Guzzi geek Ewan McGregor has to say about them.

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Source: Moto Guzzi