Finally, a Chanel Watch that’s All Chanel [w/ Video]

For 29 years, Chanel Horology – the watchmaking branch of the fashion empire founded by the late Coco Chanel – has been fusing form and function to create some of the most appealing watches under the sun. However, all of those watches have used movements designed and manufactured by other companies. So how long will it be before Chanel rolls out a timepiece that’s 100% crystal-to-clasp Chanel? Turns out…the wait is already over.

The Monsieur de Chanel, as the name suggests, is a men’s watch consisting of a 40mm round case that contains the manual-winding, 170-piece CALIBRE 1 movement. The design house’s first self-built movement, which is on proud display through the rear crystal and holds 72 hours of power reserve, took five years to bring to fruition, and it is manipulated via a crown featuring a stylized lion logo that will be a hallmark of all future Chanel-powered Chanel watches. Just 300 examples of the Monsieur de Chanel will be produced this year, 150 in beige gold (about $35,500) and 150 in white gold (about $37,000).

Source: Chanel