Monday Matinee: Roadkill Makes Waves with a Truck to Jet Boat Engine Swap


It shouldn’t surprise you that there’s a lot of overlap between the worlds of high performance automotive engine building and high performance marine engine building. In fact, many engine types you’d expect to find in a modern hot rod or muscle car build can be found in the sterns of speedboats. Roadkill co-hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan decided to take this kinship one giant step further by taking the hopped-up Chevrolet LS6 V8 from their Muscle Truck Chevrolet C10 pickup project and place it in an engine-less 1976 Rogers Bonneville jet boat.

However, in typical Roadkill fashion, the guys didn’t make it easy for themselves; they towed the boat to Lake Elsinore with the Muscle Truck, then yanked the engine out and put it in the boat while in the boat launch parking lot. Oh, and once they were done cruising the lake, they had do the same thing in reverse to drive home. Piece of cake…