Monday Matinee: Ramona Rusu is Pink-Probe-Driving Perfection


Back in July we became aware of Ramona Rusu, a cute brunette lass from Romania who is tearing up Eastern Europe’s drifting scene with her old school E30 BMW 3 Series. But it turns out that she doesn’t limit herself to steering a sweet ride on the track: No, she also has a slammed first-gen Mazda MX-5 and the highly customized (and highly pink) second-gen Ford Probe you see here. This video (which features narration from some gal that isn’t Ramona who, FYI, drops an F-bomb toward the end of the video) mostly focuses on the ‘90s Ford coupe, but we really, really love the shots of its owner. Seriously, if someone could get her a well-paid Formula Drift gig over here, we would sing (or, to be more accurate, yell in a manner loosely resembling singing) your praises from the rooftops.