Grand Theft Gymkhana 3

Monday Matinee: Grand Theft Gymkhana 3 is Here to Blow up Your Screen


Last week, we brought you the trailer for DomesticMango’s latest hoonage-heavy paean to Ken Block’s so-viral-Ebola-wants-to-be-like-it-when-it-grows-up video series, Grand Theft Gymkhana 3. Naturally, as trailers are wont to do, it didn’t reveal too much, other than the fact that the star car would be a heavily-modified Nissan S13. Oh, and the livery of said Nissan would incorporate some huge shoutouts to this here corner of cyberspace.

Well, it looks like the full version of GTG3 dropped over the weekend and, as you’d expect, it’s pretty amazeballs, Lou Rawls. We aren’t sure how many takes each shot took to get just right, but we’re certain Mr. Mango recorded much more footage than the 18 minutes and 50 seconds that showed up in the final cut. Some of you not named Michael Bay might be maligning the abundance of explosions, but honestly, if you were unencumbered by the fiscal, physical and safety concerns of real life, wouldn’t you be driving through an exploding scaffolding atop which strippers were standing? Be honest, now…