Misha Designs Ferrari 488 GTB Makes Any Time Lime Time

Almost three years ago, Misha Designs revealed its tuning package for the Ferrari 458 Italia that made it look like a junior FXX-K. Of course, the 458’s successor, the turbocharged 488 GTB, was just starting to emerge from the factory in Maranello at that time, so it’s a bit of a mystery why it’s taken this long for Misha Designs to devise an upgrade package for the the 488. But we’re certainly glad this particular tuner did.

The aggressive body kit is a natural evolution of the one fitted to the 458, with bulging fenders, extended skirts and a substantial rear wing similar to that of the old car. However, the searing lime green vinyl wrap and staggered Savani wheels (20” front, 21” rears) are quite different altogether. And speaking of different, we’re sure each of the 20 examples Misha Designs will produce will be quite unlike the other 19, but if we want one of those 20 we suspect you’d better get a move on with the ordering process…

Source: Misha Designs