Minecraft Mansion is Geek Olympus

We’ve all had at least one adult in our lives who has said that video games are nothing but a waste of time. Well, we’re guessing Notch Persson has gotten the last laugh over all of those wet blankets, since he owns the sick Beverly Hills house you see here. Persson, you see, created the blockbuster hit Minecraft, and he used a portion of the proceeds of the sale of it and developer Mojang to Microsoft ($70 million of it, to be exact) to get his hands on what’s now nicknamed the Minecraft Mansion, outbidding super-power-couple Jay-Z and Beyonce in the process.

This palace packs eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a 54’ long power sliding glass patio door that leads to an infinity pool, a wine cellar, a bar and a game room within its walls. And the garage…oh baby, it’s more like a small private auto museum, complete with lifts and turntables for showing off such exotic rides as the Spyker and Bugatti seen in the photo. Of course, if you can afford to pay $70 million for a house, you probably wouldn’t be parking some well-worn penalty box with less horsepower than a blender in there, would you?