Mexican Sportscar? Yes, the Mastretta MXT!

Mastretta MXT - Side

It’s bright orange, weighs 2000 lbs as is made from bonded aluminum. No it’s not a Lotus, but the new Mastretta MXT from Mexico. The MXT’s 2.4 liter, 240HP engine take it from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. This two seater claims a top speed of 150mph and comes with a 5 speed manual standard.

The Mastretta MXT recently made its world debut at the British Motor Show. Only 80 cars will be produced during the first run starting in January. It’s not available yet in America as it is marked towards the European market for now. A nicely appointed Mastretta will cost around 40,000 euros.

Source: Mastretta