Mechanix Wear Automotive Gloves Holiday Giveaway

Mechanix Wear Gloves Promo

As most of you probably know, Mechanix Wear gloves make the best multi-use hand gear on the market today, whether you are fixing cars or racing motorcycles. Originally designed for racecar mechanics to protect their hands, these gloves have tremendous feel along with solid protection and superb gripping ability. We are fortunate enough to be partnering with Mechanix Wear to offer 3 pairs of some of their coolest gloves in a giveaway contest. Please see the details below as well as the submission guidelines.

M-Pact® 2 Glove
Knuckle Protection

Mechanix Weam MPact-2

The Original® 0.5 Glove
High Dexterity

Mechanix Wear Original 0.5

The Original® Plus Glove
Extra Durability

Mechanix Wear Original Plus

Here’s what you need to do in order to be entered to win:

* Go over to the Mechanix Wear website and check out all of their cool offerings (the links to the specific gloves are above).

* Leave a comment on this post telling us which style of glove you dig most, how you plan to use them as well as your size and desired color (primary submission).
You may also enter 4 additional times by doing one or more of the steps below. Each one counts as a separate entry:

1) Follow Sub5zero on Twitter and Retweet the contest on your twitter account

2) Join us on Feedburner

3) Become a Sub5zero Facebook Fan

4) Blog about this contest giveaway and let us know the address so we can find it
IMPORTANT – Please make sure you leave us a valid email address so we can contact you when you win and please help spread the word! Also, be sure to check your spam filter on the notification date just in case your winner notification e-mail gets misrouted.

Three winners will be randomly selected to each win 1 pair of Mechanix Wear gloves. The contest will run until December 16th at midnight PST. All three winners will be contacted on December 17th by e-mail and will have until midnight on Dec. 18th to confirm a shipping address. If no response is received within this time frame, the next person will be randomly selected. This giveaway is open to US residents only who are 18+ years old.

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  1. knotmer

    I like the versatility of The Original® 0.5 Glove, it allows the user to do many different tasks without feeling clumsy by unnecessary added bulk

  2. Margaret Smith

    I really love these gloves! What a wonderful idea. My favorite are the M-Pact® 2 Glove. I love that they have Knuckle protection too. My hubby is a mechanic and could really use these gloves.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  3. Margaret Smith

    I like the M-Pact 2 Glove. Not only does it look great, but I love that it offers knuckle protection. These gloves are such a great idea. My husband is a mechanic and could really use these.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  4. Margaret Smith

    I didn’t think my first comment took, so I posted again. As not to take an extra entry, I’ll add in this one that I
    Subscribed to your feed
    and I’m also a Facebook fan (Margaret E. Smith)

    Thanks again.

  5. Michele P.

    my hubby Jose loves to tinker on late model Toyotas. We always have what I call “the Toyota project” hanging around in my front yard. It is darn cold here in Maine this time of year (we don’t have a nice warm garage!) and he manages to brave the cold and go outside and work on his hobby when he has the time. I can’t tell you how many cuts, dings, and bruises he’s had from his tools because his hands have slipped on the cold metal. The original plus glove, with knuckle reinforcements would be my choice of glove. Considering he just totaled the ’95 4 Runner he was working on all summer this past weekend in a snowstorm, and its sitting in my front yard waiting to be rebuilt yet AGAIN, I’d say he NEEDS these gloves, lol! Happy holidays!

  6. Latonya Ramsey

    The Original® Plus Glove
    Extra Durability

    My husband will like this glove. He’s an over the road truck driver.

  7. Joseph

    I dig the “CG Utility Glove”

    I plan to use them while working outside in the yard when trimming the hedge, bushes and trees.

    Size: Large

    Color: Black/Leather

  8. Don Raufman

    I really like the Original Plus gloves! They are great for working out in the yard or on the job!

  9. Susan

    I really like the mpact2 gloves. My boyfriend is a gearhead and rides motorcycles. He uses MW gloves now but they are pretty grimy and I would love to give him a new pair. I’ll also follow on twitter and fb. Thanks!!!

  10. Dan C

    I like the original, preferably in Black, Mens Large. I would use them while working on the dock, loading trucks, driving a forklift, staking boxes, wrapping pallets, even using a pen!

  11. Joy C

    I would like to give my husband the Original .5, size Mens Large. He drives trucks and often has to get out in the FREEZING cold and needs dexterity!

  12. Joy C

    I am reposting because I forgot the color!

    I would give my husband the Original .5 in Black. Men’s Large. He drives big trucks and often has needs dexterity in freezing weather!

  13. Nicole D.

    I like the The Original® 0.5 Glove. I would give it to my husband, as he wants them for car maintenance jobs. Size L, in black. Thanks!

  14. Deborah Rosen

    I like the Team Issue: Carbon X® Level 10 Gloves in black, size small. I’d give them to hubby – he races vintage gokarts and these are the gloves he likes best.

  15. Beeb Ashcroft

    I dig the M-Pact® 2 Glove, which would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone on my list who rides motorcycles! I think the red & black combo in Large would be perfect. Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. Aisling

    My son does a lot of metal work – handling, welding and cutting – and works in an open building in all kinds of weather. I think the CG Utility Glove, Leather All Purpose, would be a great gift for him.

  17. Bob O.

    I like the The Original® Plus Glove. I work on my car a lot so I could really use some good gloves. I like the red and black coloring – I think that would help me find them easier! Size large would work great!

  18. Auriette

    When I first visited the site and started looking through the gloves, I was thinking it would be nice to have a sturdy pair of work gloves, since the last time I was out raking in the yard, I got a huge blister. Then I saw the Women’s Utility Gloves in Maroon/Gray, and they’re way too pretty to work in. They’d be awesome to wear when I’m driving in winter, though. They wouldn’t slide around on the wheel and they look really sharp.

  19. Valeen N

    I would like the Original .5 in Black in Men’s Large. I would give these to my husband for when he works on the cars and does work around the house. He had a pair of Mechanix gloves that he loved, but they’ve disappeared and he really wants a new pair!

  20. Chrysa

    I would like the The Original® 0.5 Glove High Dexterity in black/yellow large because it is great for flexibility.

  21. Gianna

    M-Pact 2 Covert Glove Knuckle Protection in Black XL (Tactical) for my husband since he is in law enforcement 🙂

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