MEC Design Ferrari 458 Spider Scossa Rossa front 3/4 view

MEC Design Scossa Rossa is a Fashion-Forward Ferrari 458 Spider

MEC Design Ferrari 458 Spider Scossa Rossa front 3/4 view

At the risk of prompting the 365 GTB/4 Daytona and F40 fans to put a bounty on our heads, we’re going to go ahead and call the 458 Spider the best Ferrari road car ever. It combines performance capabilities that shame those of the hypercars of just 20 years ago with the 365-day-a-year appeal of a retractable hardtop, dual-clutch transmission and a compliant suspension. And unlike drop-top Ferraris of old, the 458 Spider is just as stiff as the coupe; no more trading stiffness for sunshine.

MEC Design Ferrari 458 Spider Scossa Rossa rear 3/4 view

With all those attributes in mind, it shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that the crew at MEC Design selected the latest mid-mounted V8 open Ferrari as the basis for its latest tuning project. Dubbed the Scossa Rossa (which is “Shock Red” in Italian), this righteous roadster comes equipped with a subdued carbon fiber body kit, 21” wheels and a sport suspension kit to distinguish the exterior, while the interior is swaddled with carbon fiber on the steering wheel, dashboard, console and door sills.

MEC Design Ferrari 458 Spider Scossa Rossa interior view

MEC Design hasn’t said anything about performance upgrades, but it does offer a sports exhaust kit it calls Apocalypse and should, at the very least, remove you from your neighbors’ good graces. Then again, the 458 Spider is plenty fast for most people as is. Any faster and your hair might be rendered permanently disheveled.

Source: MEC Design