MB&F HM6 SV is a Trippy Sapphire Vision

MB&F is well known for producing watches that skew toward the eccentric side of the design spectrum, and its new HM6 SV (short for “Horological Machine Number 6 Sapphire Vision”) is no exception. The distinctive nine-bubble sapphire crystal is made from 11 pieces that have been “glued” together to create the bizarre shape, behind which you’ll find a 475-piece self-winding movement co-developed with David Candaux. Of course, a timepiece that’s super distinctive and super exclusive (Just 100 HM6s will be made) is also super expensive: The “base” model with its rose gold case will cost you $368,000, while the platinum case version will relieve you of $398,000. Of course, if you can afford to spend a sum that will get you a decent house in most areas of the United States (or a nice broom closet in New York or San Francisco) on one watch, you can probably afford to get one of each.

Source: MB&F