Maxximus G-Force is Now the World’s Fastest Street Legal Car

Maxximus G-Force with Kirby & McMahan

The Maxximus G-Force has been given the designation of the world’s fastest street-legal car. What does it take to be have the World Record Academy give you it’s special stamp? In this case, a 1600 horsepower engine, sitting in a 2700 pound body, throws the car from stop to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds. In fact, this vehicle will perform 0 to 100 mph in the same amount of time it takes a BMW M6 to perform 0 to 60 mph – about 4.5 seconds. The engine that performs this feat is a mid-mounted twin turbocharged Chevy V8 engine. With all that power, the gearbox had to be adjusted accordingly. A specially crafted 3 speed transmission operated by paddle shifters was created to handle this task. In order to bring this monster to a stop, 14.2 inch 6-piston AP Racing calipers are engaged.

Maxximus G-Force - Rear

The story behind how this car came to fruition is something straight out of “The Secret”. A chance encounter when Marlon Kirby was chauffeuring David McMahan, CEO for Argent Funds Group, provided an opportunity for these two to realize that they had a strong common interest and the same dream. Marlon Kirby is no ordinary limo driver. He is accomplished race car driver and automative designer who is the founder of Maxximus Technologies. With Kirby’s knowhow, McMahan’s dollars and 4 hard years of development time, the Maxximus G-Force is now ready for prime time. And where do you showcase a $3 million dollar ride that will smoke a Bugatti? None other than the Big Boy’s Toys Super Show in Dubai starting April 30th.

Source: Wired | Images: John Bragg Photography

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