Max Zhivov HH is the Turducken of Floating Vehicles

Have you ever found yourself lying awake at night consumed by the thought that you should really get a floatplane, but can’t figure out how to conveniently park/dock it with a houseboat? Well, to be perfectly honest, neither have we, but that didn’t stop Russian yacht designer Max Zhivov from coming up with a solution for such an insomnia-causing conundrum. He perservered and came up with the clever craft you see here.

Dubbed HH (short for hydro-house) by its creator, this pontoon boat would be assembled from a series of modules that could be easily hauled from one body of water to another using a pair of flatbed trucks. Once put together, the vessel features a well-equipped kitchen, three bedrooms (a master and two guests), a bathroom and a tender garage for a dinghy. There’s also the aforementioned dock for floatplanes of varying sizes and shapes, as well as 700 square feet of solar panels to power the lights and onboard appliances in addition to the twin electric motors that handle moving this 49.2’ boat. We can’t imagine the list of potential clients for a craft like this being particularly long, but kudos to Mr. Zhivov for coming up with an elegant and efficient way for these two buoyant forms of transport to interface.

Source: Max Zhivov