Mauro Lecchi’s Lamborghini Yacht Is Going from Concept to Reality

Mauro Lecchi Lamborghini Yacht side view

Last year, Italian transportation designer Mauro Lecchi answered the question, “If Lamborghini built a motor yacht, what would it look like?” Now we’re betting very few people were asking that question before Signore Lecchi revealed his renderings, but once those renderings were released, a lot of people started asking, “How cool would it be if one was actually built?”

Turns out we’ll all be getting an answer to that question, too, as at least one real Lambo yacht is being constructed as we type. And if you ask us, this is one boat that Ferruccio himself would have happily called his own. Think we’re blowing smoke up your bilge? Make the jump and judge for yourself.

Mauro Lecchi Lamborghini Yacht overhead view

At 50-feet from bow to stern, it’s somewhat modest in terms of length, but there are miles of style crammed into those 50-feet. The angular shape is a nod to models like the Reventon and Countach, while the side windows and detailing around them borrow cues from the side scoops of the Murcielago LP640. The ultra-lightweight carbon-Kevlar hull’s stealthy dark gray color is also a not-so-subtle nod to the Reventon and LP640.

The biggest tribute to the storied supercar maker, though, lies in the engine room in the form of a pair of 550hp V12s from Motori Marini Lamborghini. Dual Seatek diesels producing 950hp each will also be available, but who wants to listen to those things when you could instead be soaking up the siren song of those 24 throbbing pistons? Boring people who value power figures, speed and fuel economy over an epic seafaring soundtrack, that’s who!

Mauro Lecchi Lamborghini Yacht stateroom view

But even if you are one of those folks who want the “safe choice,” you’ll still be treated to a posh but avant garde deck and cabin furnished by the renowned firm Fenice Milano. There’s a spacious party deck with a U-shaped sofa and lounging pad up front, while amenities like an entertainment center, a bar, and separate staterooms and bathrooms for the owner and guests can be found inside.

It has not been announced how many of these boats will be built and what they will cost, but here are our educated guesses: Very few and the combined GDP of a few small island nations. If you do manage to get your hands on one, we only ask that you not desecrate it by wearing a captain’s hat while aboard. We’ll let the Lamborghini-branded apparel slide, provided you don’t go overboard with it. (Bad pun quota…met!)

Source: Fenice Milano