Peak Performance: Marcus Gronholm’s Ford Fiesta RallyCross at 2009 Pikes Peak (VIDEO)

2009 Pike Peak Marcus Gronholm

Back in 1988, Ari Vatanen set a world record at Pikes Peak in his Peugeot 405. His uber-successful run was captured on video and immortalized in Climb Dance, a film that became the YouTube sensation of his day. This year, MotorTrend has partnered up with Ford and Marcus Gronholm to create a short film of the same ilk showcasing the new Fiesta RallyCross at the 2009 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Just to be clear, the #3 car featured in the Peak Performance video is driven by rally champion Gronholm and is not the #5 car, piloted by Andrea Ericksson, that crashed in practice (we’ve included that video as well.) Check out both videos after the jump.

Source: YouTube