Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk in gray

Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk is Ready to Put Some Bull in Your China Shop

Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk in gray

Car-themed décor for the home and, obviously, the garage is nothing new. However, it seems you seldom hear about or see examples of offices that have been decorated with a car buff’s touch (at least in non-automotive fields). This isn’t exactly surprising, since a workspace covered in motoring memorabilia could cause distractions and give some visitors/potential customers the impression that that company doesn’t take things very seriously.

But let’s pretend you’re the boss of a company. The Big Cheese, if you will. And you could not care less about what perspective clients thought about the office’s car-centric furnishings. Consequently, you go to town: Old license plates covering an entire wall. An old gas pump repurposed as a water cooler. Plastic garage floor tile. And so on and so forth. But then it comes time to pick a desk for your office. And you select this bodacious Lamborghini Murcielago desk from Poland’s Manufacture RETRO.

Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk in orange

This piece of furniture is part of Manufacture RETRO’s Unique Racing Desks line, and unique is certainly a good way to describe this thing. It certainly incorporates most of the styling characteristics of the previous Lamborghini flagship (specifically the LP670-4 SuperVeloce), right down to the aggressive front splitter, complex headlights, and stylish wheels sitting in front of gray “brake rotors” with yellow “calipers.” However, on closer inspection, you’ll notices that radical work table is completely devoid of Lambo logos or lettering. Those omissions probably wouldn’t be enough to let Manufacture RETRO skate away scot free if Sant’Agata’s legal team decided to file a lawsuit, but it’s probably smart they didn’t go out of their way to tempt fate as much as they could.

Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk in orange front

So as a piece of auto-themed art, this desk is quite exceptional. But how is it as a desk? About how you would expect any desk to be, actually. There are two drawers (or cabinets; we can’t tell what the bottom ones are for certain) on either side of the opening for your legs, and there’s a slide out tray for a computer keyboard in the center. The area where the dashboard would be on a real Murcielago is a nice flat work surface, and if you need more space, there’s a wide glass shelf perched atop the “cowl” area. Granted, there’s not as much surface area on top as a conventional desk, meaning it would be less conducive to making whoopee with your secretary (Oh yes, we know all about you and Mitzi…but your secret is safe with us. This is the Internet, after all.), but by just about any other metric, it meets or exceeds the capabilities of those bland, boxy particle board jigsaw puzzles that clog the top shelves at your local Staples.

Manufacture RETRO Lamborghini Murcielago Desk in white, blue and orange

Of course, you will be paying more to go against the man-made grain. Manufacture RETRO asks 5,900 euros (roughly $7,750 U.S.) for one of these bad boys. However, that’s still much cheaper than buying a real Murcielago SV, chopping off everything from the A-pillars forward, and having drawers, cabinet doors and a top made. Not that you would do that sort of thing…would you?

Source: Manufacture RETRO

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