Mansory Makes the Mercedes-AMG GT More Colorful

A few months ago Mansory showed off its revision of the Mercedes-AMG GT. And while the added thrust (720 horsepower altogether) is welcome, the matte gray exterior of the car in the initial batch of pictures left us on the fence about the exterior mods. Well now Mansory has released some pictures of the car in more vivacious hues and, we have to say, they really help the new parts pop.

Mansory has also announced that its engine upgrades lower the 0-62 mph time to 3.4 seconds and raises top speed to 205 mph, that you can specify a set of its 21” center-lock SPYDER wheels, and that it will trim the interior in the colors and premium materials of your choosing. Just make sure your credit limit is lofty enough.

Source: Mansory