Mansory Siracusa Makes the Ferrari 458 Italia Even Harder to Miss

Mansory Siracusa 458 Italia front 3/4 view

Although the Ferrari 458 Italia has only been on sale for about a year, there’s already a bumper crop of companies offering upgrades ranging from cat-back exhaust systems to full-on upgrade packages. Some might question the wisdom of modifying a car as stylish and as fast as the 458 Italia, but the fact of the matter is people want their cars to stand out. And one of the companies that now wants to help 458 Italia owners realize that dream is Mansory.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “Oh gawd, Mansory? The same guys who think a blue-and-yellow widebody Panamera and an inverted-skunk-hued SLR McLaren is the height of vehicular fashion? Noooooo!” Yeah, we won’t argue that most of Mansory’s work is, uh, “polarizing.” Their redecorating of the Italia, however, is actually quite tolerable, if not tasteful.

Mansory Siracusa 458 Italia rear 3/4 view

Called the Siracusa, the bulk of this package – as is the case with most of Mansory’s mods – is the exterior. The new front bumper is wider, featuring larger air vents next to the headlights, aerodynamic dive planes, and an Enzo-like grille layout. The front trunklid now has a bulge that blends into the bumper. The side skirts feature an aggressive scoop layout that’s an ever-so-subtle callback to the quintessentially ‘80s Testarossa. The rear bumper features winglets in either side and two big tailpipes in the center of the massive diffuser. Up top, there’s a rear spoiler and slats where the window over the engine used to be. Did we mention all of those bits are carbon fiber, and that they actually reduce the body’s weight by 154 lb.? We just did.

Handling has been enhanced via a retuned suspension and Michelin PS2 tires wrapped around snazzy centerlock wheels measuring 9×20” up front, 11×21” in back. The aforementioned bodykit adds downforce, further improving the Siracusa’s ability to latch onto the road. And even though the cornering forces will be more extreme, your caboose won’t be sliding around thanks to the seats being retrimmed in a pleasing combination of ultrasuede and leather (though we can probably live without the yellow piping and stitching). Other interior tweaks include loads of carbon fiber trim and carbon fiber door panels.

Mansory Siracusa 458 Italia interior view

Yeah, yeah, this is all fine and dandy, but did they do anything to the engine? As a matter of fact yes…they just don’t give any specifics of how they got 590hp and 413 lb.-ft out of the 4.5L V8. What isn’t a mystery, however, is what that extra muscle means when you floor the loud pedal: A standing sprint to 62 mph takes just 3.2 seconds, and top speed rises to 205 mph.

What’s all this going to cost you? That too is something Mansory is keeping close to the vest, but really, if you can afford a 458 Italia, there’s a damn good chance you can afford to send it to Mansory and tell them to turn it into a Siracusa. The question is, do you want them to do so?

Source: Mansory