Mansory iPhone 6s are Digital Delicacies

Remember how we said yesterday that the hot new trend among automotive aftermarket tuners seems to be customizing smartphones, especially the iPhone 6? Well, now Mansory – the outfit that was for the longest time best known for appetite-killing makeovers of supercars and other high-end whips – is throwing its hat into the ring with a limited run of customized iPhone 6s. Each of the five styles (two leather and three carbon fiber) will be limited to just 10 individually-numbered examples, and you’ll have your choice of 64 GB or 128 GB of storage capacity and gold or “dull black” trim. And just in case none of these five designs (each featuring an illuminated Mansory logo) tickles your fancy, Mansory will also do made-to-order iPhone 6 facelifts using custom engraving, case backs made from wood, carbon fiber or leather from an extensive menagerie of animals and more; however, those one-off jobs will probably cost you a fair bit more than the roughly $6,400 one of these “regular” special editions will.

Source: Mansory