Mansory Gronos 6×6 is a Galloping Great Mercedes G-Wagen


We’re not the least bit ashamed to admit that we love the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. It’s not the most sensible vehicle under the sun, but that’s part (Most?) of the appeal. The tuning geeks at Mansory have never had any qualms about wrenching on impractical and illogical vehicles, so it’s hardly surprising that they’ve gotten their hands on AMG’s limited-production ate-up-with-wheels super utility vehicle.


Based on Mansory’s Gronos package for the four-wheeled G-Class, this German monster truck has been fitted with a new rounded front fascia, scooped hood, even-fatter fender flares, a flashier rear bumper, and carbon-fiber-trimmed taillights with clear lenses, among other custom touches. There’s also a quartet of spotlights on the roof, bigger running boards and a rear anti-submarine bar to prevent lower vehicles from getting under the 6×6 in rear-end collisions, because the target audience for this vehicle is always thinking about the safety and well-being of others…


Of course, you won’t be thinking about much else when you floor the gas pedal on this beast. Mansory has gone through the AMG 5.5L twin-turbo V8 from oilpan to intake manifold, installing an array of new parts that elevates output to 829 horsepower and 738 lb.-ft of torque, the latter figure electronically limited to spare the transmission, differentials and portal axles from certain vaporization. Too bad they didn’t add a safeguard to prevent the vaporization of human minds…

Source: Mansory