Mansory Enzos-up the Ferrari 458 Spider [w/ Video]

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition front 3/4 view

To us, it seems like every tuned vehicle Mansory releases is more subdued and tasteful than the last one. The company seems to have outgrown its cornea-melting-colors and scoops-for-the-sake-of-scoops phase, while still churning out cars and SUVs that won’t be mistaken for their factory standard brethren. Mansory has gotten, dare we say it, respectable.

And sure to make the company even more respectable is its treatment for the Ferrari 458 Spider, dubbed the 458 Spider Monaco Edition. Of course, since the newest al fresco Ferrari is so amazing right out of the wrapper, tuners can’t get away with bolting on a new set of wheels, sticking a K&N filter in the airbox and call it a day. No, they have to go the extra mile, and Mansory has certainly done that.

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition rear 3/4 view

The Enzo-like front bumper and front trunklid, plus those lower side scoop add-ons and rear bumper/diffuser combination look familiar, don’t they? That’s probably because they’re the same ones used on the 458 Italia-based Mansory Siracusa. And just as they do on the fixed-roof machine, the aero bits reduce vehicle weight (to the tune of about 132 lbs.).

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition

But the body kit isn’t the only change shared with the Siracusa. The 4.5L V8 has also been equipped with the same remapped ECU, sports air filter and high-flow exhaust system that elevate output to 590hp and 413 lb.-ft of torque. Let ‘er rip and you’ll be doing 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds, and pegging the speedometer at 205 mph.

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition left side view

Of course, at those speed you most certainly should not be paying attention to the retrimmed interior, even if it is quite a bit more ostentatious than the exterior. The kickpanels, console sides and sills have been covered with pleated leather, while the seats, dash and door panels have been re-trimmed in black leather with red stitching. Plus, the door panels and seats have inserts with white and red-diamond pattern inlays, and there’s carbon fiber dash and door trim. It’s not quite horrifying, but a little too Alice in Wonderland for our tastes.

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition interior view

And speaking of Mr. Carroll’s master stroke, acquiring a 458 Spider Monaco Edition will make many scores of thousands of dollars disappear from your wallet faster than a certain purple cat. But if you crave a 458 Spider that stands out from the herd, whatever the exact dollar amount is (Mansory isn’t saying) is but a pittance. As an added bonus, check out the following video of the Mansory 458 Spider Monaco Edition on the street in…Monaco.

Source: Mansory