Mansory Black Marlin is a Psycho Sea-Doo

You probably know Mansory as a tuner of supercars and other high-dollar autos. You might also know it occasionally customizes smartphones. But would you believe Mansory also mods personal watercraft?  Yeah, we had a hard time believing it too, but then we looked at the date, noticed April 1st had passed, and realized this seafaring crotch rocket is legit. Too legit to quit, in fact.

Using a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS as a starting point, Mansory transforms it into its Black Marlin by replacing many of the stock panels with carbon fiber, purportedly shaving off 22 lbs. in the process. Red trim, a custom upholstered seat and a massive mob of Mansory logos also help differentiate this machine from its stock counterpart. But the biggest news is hidden within the hull, because Mansory decided that the Sea-Doo’s stock 260 horsepower was totes weaksauce. Thus, they bumped the supercharged Rotax engine’s output to a claimed 550 horsepower. We suggest you upgrade your life jacket and life insurance policy accordingly…

Source: Mansory