Is Manscaped Perfect Package Perfect for Your Package?

Men’s grooming isn’t a subject that we tackle regularly here on Sub5zero. But we do love finding great products and bringing them to the attention of our readers. Therefore, after receiving a kit from Manscaped to review, we thought it only prudent to give you the haps on this late entry to the grooming market. Now coming late to the party doesn’t mean you can’t show up the other attendees. And Manscaped has done just that by offering a special package for your special package. Manscaped has thought of everything so that you don’t have to.

Their Perfect Package kit starts with an electric trimmer. It’s a very small unit to make its way into nooks and crannies and get the job done. It may be petite but its powerful and comes with a variety of guards to help set the proper hair length. It features 4,000 cutting strokes per minute (we’ll take their word for it) to get through the toughest forests.

Next up is the Plow, which is a really nice Safety Razor, tucked into a little plastic case with a mirror inside, making it the perfect travel companion. The razor isn’t as heavyweight as something like a Merkur, but it does have a good heft to it and is a solid performer all around. The company is nice enough to include a few extra blades to get things going.

Once shaving and trimming is done, Manscaped offers a trio of products to properly finish the job. Their Crop Cleanser (8 oz) is a light hair and body wash for scrubbing everything down. It has a nice clean scent and suds up well. Their Crop Revivor (2 oz) is a toner and spritzer which is great for after showering. It creates a fine mist that isn’t sticky like some other brands. It echoes the same clean scent as the wash but features some other special ingredients — aloe and witch hazel to help reduce any irritation or inflammation. And then there is the Crop Preserver which is a combination deodorant, antiperspirant and moisturizer all rolled into one.

Included is a  5-Piece Stainless Steel Nail Kit which contains all of the instruments you need for proper nail grooming including a sturdy nail clipper, trimming scissors with a rounded point, nail file, nail pick and tweezers. Everything comes in a sweet little faux brown leather case.

Because there are so many things included in the Manscaped kit, they also provide a nice travel bag to keep everything organized. It’s large enough to hold all of the Manscaped products plus anything else you might need.

All in all, Manscaped has come up with a great, all-in-one solution to mens grooming which takes the guess work out of having to source multiple products from multiple sources. Everything is just all there and the company hasn’t sacrificed quality to offer it at an affordable price. Speaking of which, the Manscaped Perfect Package kit is now on sale for just $79, reduced from the normal price of $169. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. So, why not give it a go?