Porsche 911 in New York

Manhattan Motoring Missionaries: Meet Three New Yorkers Who Actually Own Classic Cars [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4JEcivazOE[/youtube]

If there was an annual worldwide competition for the city in which private automobile ownership was least necessary,New Yorkwould have retired the trophy decades ago. With a comprehensive web of subway lines, an army of taxis that exceeds the total number of cars of any sort in quite a few countries, and the simple of “walkability” (i.e. housing, jobs, retailers and eateries clustered within close proximity to each other) of most Big Apple neighborhoods, car ownership in NYC is a superfluous (if not frustrating and financially ruinous) proposition. We can definitely see the appeal in that, but what if you want to have a car anyway? You know, something old, sporty and/or quirky that you could take for a spin out of the city, just for fun?

Well, you go to the lengths that these three chaps do. They each hail from different neighborhoods, they each lead different lives, and they each drive a different make and model of vintage car. But whether they’re rocking a bitchin’ earlyPorsche911, an astoundingly cleanAlfa RomeoGTV6, or a beat-to-bleepVolkswagenBaja Bug, they share the willingness to make the compromises and sacrifices required to live the gearhead lifestyle in this seemingly most-ungearheaded place. And for that, we reckon they – and the likely scores of New Yorkers like them – deserve the enthusiast community’s utmost respect.

Source: YouTube