Manhart Racing MH6 S Biturbo BMW M6 F12 front 3/4 rendering

Manhart Racing MH6 S Biturbo is an Industrial Strength BMW M6

Manhart Racing MH6 S Biturbo BMW M6 F12 front 3/4 rendering

Few new cars are better at wolfing down the miles than the new BMW M6. With two-doors, two turbos, eight cylinders, 560 horsepower and a choice of a fixed roof or a folding one, the hottest F12 (coupe) and F13 (convertible) you can buy at a BMW dealer are the state of the art for four-seat grand tourers. Who could possibly ask for anything more?

Well, it would appear that quite a few people are asking for something more. Why else would the fine folks at Manhart Racing have developed a tuning kit for the newest Bavarian continent-swallower? Certainly not because they were bored; there are cheaper cures for that, after all.

Manhart Racing MH6 S Biturbo BMW M6 F12 rear 3/4 rendering

In any case, this new kit – dubbed MH6 S Biturbo – pays equal attention to upgrading the new super 6er both mechanically and cosmetically. We’ll get to the former shortly, but first, here’s the skinny on the latter. The aero kit – which is made almost entirely from carbon fiber – adds a front air dam extension, front cooling vent inserts, a vented hood, side skirt extensions, rear bumper with an unpainted diffuser, and a trunklid with an integrated CSL-style spoiler lip. Manhart Racing also adds side stripes that feature the company logo and the model name, a set of airy-looking eight-spoke alloy wheels, and a coilover kit to help bring this boosted Bimmer’s belly a little closer to the pavement and sharpen the already Ginsu-grade handling response.

Manhart Racing MH6 S Biturbo BMW M6 F12 front detail rendering

But the handling isn’t the only thing that’s now encroaching on supercar territory; the MH6 S Biturbo also has more to offer fans of straight line athleticism. A reprogrammed ECU and a bespoke exhaust system featuring high-flow catalytic converters are just some of the tweaks Manhart Racing has made to the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 so that it now makes 690hp and 664 lb.-ft of torque. Manhart doesn’t quote any acceleration or top speed figures, but we’re guessing the jumps over stock will be substantial.

The company is also pleading the Fifth on the price of all this equipment. However, it did say you won’t have to wait very long to get your hands on these parts; the actual car (as opposed to these still-nice renderings) will be shown publically sometime this summer. Between the MH6 S Biturbo, the Fourth of July and the ladies wearing the least clothing they do all year, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Source: Manhart Racing