Manhart Racing MH3 V8 R Biturbo BMW M3 Convertible is a Four-Season Screamer

Manhart MH3 BMW M3 E93 Convertible front 3/4 view

Winter is fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are losing their chlorophyll and falling off the trees and the malls are getting crowded. But those aren’t the only signs that Jack Frost is about to make his annual visit. Another sure sign that winter is near is you see fewer convertibles on the road, and those you do see tend to have their tops up.

However, just because the weather doesn’t currently lend itself to driving a convertible doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them, right? Right. So, let’s talk about a tuned convertible, specifically thisBMW M3-based number from Manhart Racing. There’s a V8 under the hood like the stock M3, and there’s a folding hardtop to let the elements in, but there are some key changes – both visible and not – that Manhart Racing has made to this droptop Bimmer.

Manhart Racing MH3 BMW M3 E93 Convertible rear 3/4 view

Officially known as the MH3 V8 R Biturbo, this E93-based beast is treated to limited (but in our opinion effective) cosmetic upgrades. The front and rear bumpers are made more aggressive with carbon fiber splitter extensions and diffuser, respectively, and there’s a new vented, power-dome hood, side stripes, and emblems. The ride height is lowered thanks to a V3 suspension kit from KW, and the wheel wells are stuffed with matte black 20” 12-spoke wheels and bigger brake rotors and calipers (the front ones being cribbed from BMW’s X6 M).

Manhart Racing MH3 BMW M3 E93 Convertible engine view

But do not assume the front brakes are the only X6 M pieces on this car; rather, like the MH3 V8 RS Clubsport, the MH3 V8 R Biturbo convertible also receives the X6 M’s 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. Manhart Racing adds a reprogrammed ECU, high-flow stainless steel downpipes, low-restriction catalytic converters, and a titanium exhaust system to bring peak engine output to 646hp and 719 lb.-ft of torque. Manhart is being coy about how quickly those figures will get the MH3 V8 R Biturbo moving from a standstill, but it has said the top speed is now 199 mph.

The company is also being coy about how much all these upgrade parts will cost. But as long as we have to resort to dreaming about a sunny spring day on which to get the maximum enjoyment out of this or any other droptop, we might as well dream that we can afford these upgrades.

Source: Manhart Racing