JCVD Volvo Trucks ad

Makin’ Like a Banana: Jean-Claude Van Damme Splits the Difference in Epic Volvo Trucks Ad [Video]

We don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to what the marketing department for Volvo Trucks has been up to with regard to videos lately, but those guys and gals have been crushing it, bro. One has a hamster steering a dump truck along a narrow road in a quarry, while another has the president of the division hanging out on a rather precarious perch. However, all prior efforts pale in comparison to this latest one.

Check it: Legendary Belgian fighter and action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme. A pair of Volvo’s latest FM Series trucks. A deserted runway in Spain. And that hauntingly-beautiful Enya standard,“Only Time.” Yessir, they all conspire to create a video that prompted us to come up with a new piece of internet shorthand: WTFTW, which is, of course, a portmanteau of “WTF” and “FTW.” Yeah, you’d better believe that we’re waiting for IvecoMAN or some other Euro truckmaker to offer a rebuttal that makes artful use of Steven Seagal’s ponytail.

Source: YouTube